Monday, August 1, 2011

august 2011

open hours- satuday&sunday-1-6pm.
free free free
YOGA Jasmine Continuous Flow Yoga class under the trees - 8:30 am EVERY FRIDAY
this summer - FREE - Bring your yoga mat and get ready for some
BLISS Friday mornings throughout August 8:30 am.

STORYTELLING in the Garden: Storytime with neighborhood librarian
Stories, songs,
puppets and more! Ages 3-8. Every Tuesday in August at 10:30AM

BUTTERFLY STORY AND WORKSHOP A workshop that gives children an
opportunity to explore their imaginations using all of their senses. They act the story of a
butterflies transformation out and draw/paint the butterflies into being. Saturday the 6th at 1:30PM

HAYES GREENFIELD TRIO From Bop to Beyond.  A rich blend of Post Modern,
Abstract Expression, Deconstructionism with a twist of Form sprinkled over a few chords, some broken rhythms and maybe not some Rhythm Changes thrown in for garnish. Sunday the 7th, 3pm – 5pm

FULL MOON CELEBRATION, - come and gather to celebrate the the beauty
of the garden under a full moon! Music, Laughter, Poetry, Mystery, Bonfire, Smores!!
Friday the 12th 7PM til 10PM

COOKING WITH ESSENTIAL OILS Join Organic Soul Chef Madea Allen-Gueye
to learn how to maximize both flavor and nutrition through cooking with essential oils.
We'll be sharing delicious recipes, sampling dishes prepared with Young Living Essential Oils and raffling off some great prizes, too!
Visit to learn more about Madea, her products
and services.
Saturday the 13th at 3pm

RAQUY AND THE CAVEMEN Progressive Middle-Eastern sensation.
A duo of virtuoso multi-instrumentalists who bring hard rock energy to
the mystical rhythms of the Middle East. Their mind-blowing and moving show, featuring a variety
of exotic instruments with Tuvan throat singing, allows the listener to experience Raquy's passion
for the musical cultures of The Middle East, fused w/ Liron Peled's hard rock background, to leave them transported, uplifted and full of joy. Saturday, the 13th 5pm

POETRY FOR JUSTICE - that says it all - Friday, the 19th, 7pm – 10pm.

BILL POPP AND THE TAPES  An original music veteran of early 60's rock
influences, the legendary alternative pop composer he delivers melodic hooks, combined with dance grooves
and poetic, infectious punk. Drunk with harmony, his clever lyrics for the broken hearted, and his passionate piano phrasing have a timeless hold on the hearts of his fans.
Sunday the 21st 2pm

MEGA FAUNA AFRICAN STYLE Please come join us for another GREAT
Amy Berkoff slide show Thusday the 25th 8pm

BLACK ORPHEUS - FILM - Winner of both the Academy Award for best foreign language film
and the Palme d'Or, a masterful retelling of the ancient Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice amidst
the madness of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Directed by Marcel Camus.
Friday the 26th 8pm

 Saturday the 27th  5 - 7
Come dance with us learn from Juan Usera percussionist and dancer has been part of the Latin Dance World in New York and Puerto Rico for 22 years. He is the director of La Tribu and performs with Los Pleneros  de la 21.Usuera has a Master degree from New York Univesity in Dance Education.