Thursday, September 29, 2011

6bgarden October Events

6bgarden October Events

Annual Harvest Festival Entertainment begins at 3 p.m. featuring:
Global Groove, Hayes Greenfield, Bill Popp. Face Painting, Children’s
Activities, Storytelling at 2:30 Harvest Fest Raffle Tickets - $1.00
Enter for a chance to win a fabulous prize!! Tickets on sale at the
garden on the day of the event. Saturday, the 1st 2 p.m. Raindate:
Sunday, the 2nd

FRIDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES - "Shockwaves- 9/11 Revisited" - An award
winning video feature by Alex Harsley. The video evolved out of a
story about the beginning of time entitled "The First Light". The
videographer's interpretation is represented by 2 Japanese dancers who
perform at the East River and Hunter Mountain, in the role of dark
matter and dark energy. It is infused with events years before and
after 9/11. The morning of 9/11 is a central point of this video. It
involves the setting up of a tv outside the 4th Street Photo Gallery
with chairs, by a notable installation artist, David Hammonds. This
installation was recorded, as well as live feeds, from WCBS and WNYC,
the two remaining channels that continued broadcasting. Some events of
that morning that were broadcast are integrated with repercussions of
effects suffered after 9/11. The Following artists appear in this
video, including, but not limited to: David Hammonds, Robert Frank,
Rod Rodgers, Willie Burch, John Ferris.  Friday the 7th from 7-9pm

Alex Colemans One Night Stand Presents: Navajo Slideshow "Forced
Relocation" Garden Member Graywolf presents a slideshow of his work
documenting the Navajo Peabody Coalmine Protests in 1990. Wednesday
the 12th from 7-9pm

Full Moon Celebration Come and Celebrate the Full Moon in the Garden.
There will be Baying at the moon and 'Smores. Come and let your hidden
Wolf man Out!!! Saturday, the 15th 8 to 11

The Great Art Escape Circle Arts beckons artists to leave the studio
and work outdoors. The Great Art Escape is a participatory opportunity
to draw, paint, sculpt, make a multi-media installation or perform in
a garden with only the sky above. Join us for a family friendly open
studio, live music and fire performance. Saturday, the 22nd 4 to 9

Ghouls,Ghosts and Spooky Things Clay Animal Workshop - organized by
Effie Serlis Explore the creatures that haunt the night! create your
own Spooky sculpture from air drying clay to decorate and take home!
open to adults and children. Saturday, the 30th 11am to 1pm

Saturday, September 17, 2011

September Events

6bgarden September Events

Free Free Free
BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!! fundraiser for horticultural events - the infamous
Tyler Horsley will host the event serving up cheese whiz on ritz
crackers and camp  friday the 9th at 7pm

JAZZ TRIO IN THE GARDEN - Diana Gitesha Hernandez sings from the american
jazz song book along with latin twang congos, bongos and drums.
Sharing the stage with a great trio and friends. Saturday the 10th
from 5 to 7 pm

FULL MOON CELEBRATION - Come and Celebrate the Full Moon in the Garden.
There will be Baying at the moon and 'Smores. Come and let your
hidden Wolfman Out!!! Saturday the 10th from 8 to11 pm

CANNING WORKSHOP - Join Just Food trainer Molly Culver to learn techniques to
preserve your own backyard harvest, CSA surpluses, or farmers market produce
all year long! Come to this workshop to learn the basic principles of
canning, and to get some hands-on
experience before trying it out on your own. Sunday the 11th from 11:30 - 2pm

Poetry for Poets! Public Welcome! Hosted by Pitts
Sunday the 11th from 3:00 - 5pm

PLAY “LASCIVIOUS SOMETHING” by Sheila Callaghan - It's 1980 and Reagan
has just been elected. August had fled the country six years prior to
be with his beautiful young Greek bride on a
secluded Mediterranean island, where he planted a modest vineyard.
Now, his young wife is pregnant, his crop is robust,
and he is about to have his first tasting... When a strange woman in a
large-brimmed hat
arrives at the couple's guesthouse. From Wednesday, the 14th through Sunday,
the 18th, with the rain dates of Monday & Tuesday 19th & 20th.

ZENBEATZ Albey Balgochian continues to break down the doors of
compartmentalized music genres with his avant-garde duo The
Captivating audiences
with rhythmic, harmonic, melodic and percussive variations of strings,
wood,  fingers,
bows and silence intertwined with the socially conscious psychedelic
words of Jane Grenier B. with special guest,
visiting trombonist Denis Beuret "Pro Helvetia Swiss Foundation for
the Culture"  who's writing focuses on
bare essentials and improvisation. Saturday the 17th at 1:30.

SALSA Percussionist and Dancer Juan Usera has performed in
Nueva York and Puerto Rico for 22 years. He is the Director of
"La Tribu" and performed with "Los Pleneros de la 21". He has a Masters Degree
from NYU in Dance Education.on Saturday 17TH 5-7 with JUAN USERA

FRIDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES - “Ghost Bird” Every Year another Bird Species
Vanishes Forever. What are the Chances of one Coming Back?
A Feature Documentary exploring the rediscovery of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker.
Director: Scott Crocker  Cinematographer: Damir Frkovic. Friday the
23rd from 7 to 10 pm

THE CROCHET JEWELRY WORKSHOP Artisan and Designer Arlene Torres leads
a Crochet Jewelry making workshop.
Participants will make and take home their own creations. Saturday the
24th 2-5pm

A Colorful Collage of Local Artists Hosted by Geof Wilson Saturday the
24th 7:30 - 11pm

Sketching in the garden with a model - Sunday the 25th from 1 to 4 P.M.